aromatherapy consultation


Aromatherapy is a powerful therapy using essential oils that can have a positive impact on your health and well-being. The therapeutic properties contained in the natural chemical compounds within the oils, work with your body to detoxify your cells of toxins while boosting cellular strength.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for essential oils is product quality, therefore consulting with a qualified aromatherapist will not only ensure safe and effective usage but also long term positive results.

aromatherapy consultation

An Aromatherapy Consultation is an opportunity to discuss your, and your family’s health concerns in a safe and confidential way.

Empowered Health Solutions offers clients a choice of three consultation options to suit your needs:

Option 1. Standard Aromatherapy Consultation to determine your top health concerns and provide suggested solutions.

Option 2. Aromatherapy Consultation where a personalised protocol is created for your specific health concerns.

Option 3. Aromatherapy Consultation where personalised Bespoke Protocols are created over a period of 3 Months.

               Support over the 3 months would include:

      • 45 minute monthly protocol review and amendments if required (virtual)
      • Fortnightly support calls
      • Access to daily text support
      • Access to Community Calls/Webinars/Workshops/Podcasts

Ad-hoc 1 hour Aromatherapy Consultations are also available if continued long-term support is required.

Contact us today for more information or to organise a free initial discussion and receive a free sample of aromatherapy oils to experience in your own home.



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