AROMA-Reflexology adds another dimension to the basic Reflexology treatment! It is a Specialist Aromatherapy Treatment on the feet (or hand) using specific thumb and finger pressure techniques.

The theory behind it is that the feet are micro-systems of the body and by applying particular therapeutic essential oils as well as pressure to specific points on the feet you can have a positive effect on the corresponding part of the body.

Aroma-Reflexology is where the therapist will create a bespoke essential oil blend to apply to your feet and/or hands to enhance the healing process.

In addition to the treatment resulting in deep relaxation there are many other benefits to AROMA-Reflexology:
•detoxification of cellular toxins
•improves cellular health
•boosts immune system
•eases symptoms of insomnia
•relieves sinus pressure
•relieves cold/cough symptoms
•improves digestive system
•corrects hormonal imbalance
•relieves muscular aches and pains
•eliminates toxins from the body
•improves energy levels
•improves nerve function (soothes pain)
•improves circulation
•reduces headaches/migraine symptoms
•promotes deep rest and relaxation