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Wellbeing strategies within the workplace are designed to boost the health and wellbeing of staff with the end goal of improving morale, boosting engagement, enhancing performance, and cutting costs.

With an emphasis on staff wellbeing reflecting a more pro-active approach this, in turn, encourages staff to take responsibility for their health.

Equipping people with the knowledge, skills and competencies to deal with challenges that may impact on their wellbeing, helps empower them to take control of their own physical and emotional health.  Adopting behaviours that will improve the quality of their life ultimately reduces the risk of future physical or mental health concerns. By introducing into the work environment, wellness tools such as Mindful Living and Aromatherapy, gentle yet powerfully positive steps towards health and wellness can be achieved.

Through bespoke workshops Empowered Health Solutions will advise and support your organisation on how best to incorporate wellness initiatives into daily life, to help boost immunity, alleviate stress, increase focus and attention, energise and elevate mood.

Contact Empowered Health Solutions to understand how you would be advised and supported on how best to introduce and manage this wellness tool into your organisation and/or to your employees who may be working remotely.


“Professional and knowledgeable, Niamh Mullins from Empowered Health Solutions created a bespoke workshop for an afternoon of health and wellbeing within our company. Following the sessions our employees reported that Niamh was ‘top notch’ and a joy to work with! As a result of her sharing her knowledge they took away many new skills. We will all be eager to have Niamh back with us again as soon as is possible.”

Laura Maher – General Manager of Supervalu Sallins



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