Reflexology has been practised for thousands of years ! It is the practice of improving your overall sense of wellbeing by applying pressure to various points on your hands and feet.

It is a powerful complimentary therapy that can help relieve painful or uncomfortable symptoms while boosting your immunity to support your overall system.

With stress and anxiety being a root cause to illness, it brings relaxation to the mind and body by unblocking energy meridian lines, interrupting negative thought patterns, increasing blood flow to the organs and helps the body release its stress.

Besides the treatment resulting in deep relaxation there are many other benefits to Reflexology:

­čî┐boosts immune system
­čî┐relieves sinus pressure
­čî┐relieves cold/cough symptoms
­čî┐improves digestive system
­čî┐corrects hormonal imbalance
­čî┐relieves muscular aches and pains
­čî┐eliminates toxins from the body
­čî┐improves energy levels
­čî┐improves nerve function (soothes pain)
­čî┐improves circulation
­čî┐reduces headaches/migraine symptoms
­čî┐promotes deep rest and relaxation